Episode 34

Published on:

12th Sep, 2022

Episode 33

Published on:

5th Sep, 2022

Episode 32

Published on:

26th Aug, 2022

Episode 31

Published on:

12th Aug, 2022

Episode 30

Published on:

22nd Jul, 2022

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About the Podcast

Qool & Conscious Podcast
Hosted by @questionswithqri
The Qool & Conscious Podcast is hosted by Atlanta's Very Own Qri!!
(@questionswithqri) is one of the city's favorite & most influential local activist/organizers in Atlanta. She is passionate, committed, beautiful, conscious, and cool. Balance is key! @qoolconscious is a podcast where we will address it all but never forget what’s important and that’s how we are all in this movement together.
She didn't come here, she's from here; so Atlanta is in her! And you know ATLANTA INFLUENCES EVERYTHING! So... Are you Qool? or Are you Conscious? What if you are both? Subscribe and learn some things with Qri on the QCP!

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